Counting future trading days?

Is it possible to look into the future with afl and count trading days? It seems the afl relies on your dataset - in my case, I use norgate - but if try to see whether eight calendar days forward is a trading day/weekday or not, it cannot do it, because norgate data is historical, not forward looking.

Is there a way to look into the future to count trading days? ie, If I want to tell a trading system to enter a trade when there are 10 trading days left in a month.

Seems there should be a way since when we select show next artificial bar in the report results it correctly identifies the next trading day.

Thanks you for your help!

@gt13, one way to do it was suggested here.
Since you are using Norgate, be sure to read carefully their Amibroker FAQ to understand how to add extra symbols to the database that will not be updated/changed/removed from their automatic updates.

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Thanks for the pointer! Super helpful.

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