Counting number of times an indicator has triggered


Recently i'm developing an indicator, and i need to get the barindex of the first time that indicator has triggered (it would trigger multiple of times, but i only need to get data of first time).

As shown in the picture, the indicator has triggered twice but i only need the barindex of first one and count how many times is has triggered.

Are there any buildin fuction to that (like barssince for counting bars) or any trick ?

Thx a lot for helping me.


@BaoBao1102 similar question has been covered thanks to @bobptz and @mradtke

So something like this,

Condition = // your indicator;
CountConditions = Cum(Condition); 
FirstConditionBar = ValueWhen(CountConditions == 1 AND Condition, BarIndex());

I've done it by trick using barssince but your quoted solution is way better!
Thank you very much Portfoliobuilder :smiley:

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