CrashPlan users - avoid the Program Files folder

If you use the CrashPlan software/service for automatic background cloud backups, and AmiBroker, you should be aware that as of May 2019, the service is now excluding the Program Files folder and subfodlers. Unfortunately they didn't give any meaningful notice of this change too.

By default, AmiBroker stores formulas and databases in subfolders of the Program Files\AmiBroker folder, so this will mean these files will no longer be backed-up by CrashPlan. You should store your AmiBroker files elsewhere.


There is no problem in moving AmiBroker to other folder just by copying entire content of AmiBroker folder to some other location. You would need then just to adjust AmiBroker shortcut to point to new location (including "Start In" property that should be pointing into new location too). However, it is recommended to run install (setup program) into new location first as it sets up the registry paths so next upgrades can find the location automatically.