Create a list of all formula used in a layout

Anybody know a way to create a text file list of all the formula used in a layout?
ie a list of all the chart sheets in a layout together with the names of the formula used in each chart sheet.

I've been trying to use various online binary file converters to convert and display 'broker.newcharts' as text, but not having much success.

Cobbled together a bit of a solution for anyone who may be interested.

Save the set of chart sheets or Windows Layout as a layout using - Right click > Template > Save > choose file type to save as Chart Template.Complete (*.chart).

Upload the file to
Leave Output Options in Step 2 set to default (comma field separator, Include header in first row)
Choose ‘XML to Excel’ in Step 3 and save the file to your PC.

Open the file with Excel. It will probably generate an error message, but proceed anyway.

Column A contains the chart sheet names from the tabs.
Hide or delete all columns except those headed Pane/0/FilePath, Pane/1/FilePath Pane/2/FilePath etc up to the maximum number of panes in your set of chart sheets.

Now you have a list of all formula and paths used in each tab.
There’s much more info including the formula themselves if you wish to use it.

(Note: I tried five other online XML converters - two gave semi usable results, one gave unusable result and other two wouldn’t recognise the file.)

A quick note. A more straightforward process is to directly open the .chart file with a text editor that process XML files like the free NotePad++ (or Visual Studio Code, SublimeText, etc.).
The text editor will also clearly show the file structure for anyone that wants to write a file parser to extract any info.