Create Chart panning

good morning, I have looked in the forum but I can not find how to drag with the mouse the graph above, bottom right and left, Clicking on the graph and dragging it. Chart Paining
A user has told me that it is not tive but that it can be encoded. Can you help me? For me it is an important utility. Thank you
Chart panning

If you hover over the right-side, vertical axis (the price axis), the cursor will change to a 2-ended-arrow, one end pointing down and the other one up. When that happens, you can drag the chart up and down.

I don't know how to do it for the horizontal axis. I use PageUp, PageDown, Home and End.

The talk is about "chart panning". What you describe is not that.
"Chart panning" means moving chart with mouse in all direction like moving a sheet of paper on your desktop with your hand.

It is not natively inbuilt in AmiBroker so you have to do it via AFL (as of yet).

This is close to "chart panning"


It can be a good solution. This is complicated. Can you share the code? Is this the most fluid way to drag the graph?
Thank you

@fxshrat Can I pay for this code?

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Is there any update about this on Amibroker?

It is so pity that we cannot even pan a chart up and down, left to right by just drag clicking a mouse.
This should be very basic when designing a charting tool, isn't it?

Any plan to implement it soon? @Tomasz

Hopefully it will be in the upcoming tasklist

Thanks a lot

Can move the graph up and down, by pressing the left mouse shift key. And swipe left and right with Zoom or the down arrow to the right. Amibroker is very complete, not inferior to the others

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