Creating a classic SRC chart

OK, I fought with this for a few hours and got nowhere.

I would like to recreate a classic Securities Research Corp. chart. here is an examplesrc.
The features I want are:
A semi-log scaled bar chart of price with its scale to the right
A semi-log scaled plot of relative strength with its scale to the left
Volume Bars at the bottom of the chart
I am using Norgate data so it would be nice to be able to plot the fundamental data too

index = ParamStr("Index", "$SPX");
rs = Close / Foreign(index, "Close") * 100;

I tied the obvious things like

Plot(rs, "RS", colorBlue, styleLeftAxisScale);

with no luck.

I am using Norgate data so it would be nice to be able to plot the fundamental data too.

Thanks in advance for any pointers,

 John Bollinger
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styleLeftAxisScale does not create separate visible axis on left side of chart pane and does not create separate grid. It just scales used array separately within same pane.

styleLeftAxisScale is the same as styleOwnScale, however you can group a few plots together within same scale, which is separate from the main plot.

If you want separately visible y-axis on left side of pane then you would have to draw that via Gfx* functions.

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OK, that explains quite a bit. Thanks.


Perhaps you could include or your already-too-long-todo-list a call that created a separate/visible left scale that would allow more complex charting?

Best to all,


Yes, it is on the to do list.


Ahh the good old days, getting SRC, Daily chart books mailed out to the house. :face_with_monocle:

When I get the time I will add a bit more about SRC and charting as I think we can learn a lot from their charts.

I wonder if you can have a linear and logarithmic charts superimposed on top of each other, using layers? I don't know if layers have there own separate scaling.

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