Creating a completely fresh rebuild of all charts and layouts

Amibroker v6.20.1

I am about to do a complete 100% rebuild of all chart sheets, templates and layouts and wish to delete all the old charts, their parameter settings, temporary copies of formula and any references to these charts and layouts stored in Amibroker files. That is, a complete 'zeroing' of everything so there are no references to any of the old charts or their parameters stored in internal or external files.

Have I got the procedure right?

  1. Close Amibroker
  2. Delete all Global layouts from the Amibroker > Layouts folder
  3. Delete all Local layouts in the Database > Layouts subfolder
  4. Delete all formula from the Drag-drop folder (all formula are copies of originals stored elsewhere)
  5. Delete the broker.newcharts file
  6. Restart Amibroker
  7. Rebuild each window using File > New > Blank chart
  8. Save rebuilt windows as templates and layouts as required.

Many thanks for your help, Dave

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