Creating a custom tool

I would like to create a tool for Amibroker that mimics Marketsmith's Entry/Exit Window as the one pictured below. Basically it shows the area from the pivot point + 5%, the pivot point minus 5 and 8%, and a target area of +20%-25%. Could someone direct me where I might be able to find information on how to draw something like this and make it readily usable on my charts? I appreciate your help...


I know I am butchering this all to hell but I am giving it a try!

GfxFillSolidRect(BuyPrice, BarIndex(Buy), BuyPrice - (BuyPrice * .08),BarsSince(90));

Somehow I have a feeling Im not even close!

Well after banging my head against the wall a few times and winding my watch couple hundred times, I have finally made some progress on this. Went a completely different route to get it but somehow, everything started to make some sense. I do have a couple of questions that I am not quite figuring out using this method to PLOT. I have posted the code as well as a picture of what is being outputted. What I am trying to figure out still is, if I wanted to shift the green area at the top over to the right 40 bars, how can I do that without its left side extended any further than it is? I tried XSHIFT in the plot and it did shift the entire thing when I was hoping it would only shift the left starting point, and the right would stay fixed.

_SECTION_BEGIN("Entry & Exit Levels");

//Level Creation
PP = Study("PP", GetChartID()); //Using trend line tool, set pivot point or entry level by assigning StudyID "PP"

UBL = "UBL";
UBL = (PP*1.05);//Identifies upper level of breakout buy zone
SL5 = "SL5";
SL5 = (PP-(PP*.05));//Identifies warning level that you are getting close to stop loss 
SL8 = "SL8";
SL8 = (PP-(PP*.08));//Identifies level to visually plot initial entry stop loss at x% below pivot or entry
TL20 = "TL20";
TL20 = (PP*1.2);//20% Lower Target Level
TL25 = "TL25";
TL25 = (PP*1.25);//25% Upper Target Level

//Plot Levels
Plot(UBL, "UBL", colorAqua, styleLine, 0, 100, 0, 0, 1);//Plots upper level of breakout buy zone

Plot(SL5, "SL5", colorPink, styleLine, 0, 100, 0, 0, 1);//Plots stop loss warning level
Plot(SL8, "SL8", colorPink, styleLine, 0, 100, 0, 0, 1);//Plots initial entry stop loss

Plot(TL20, "TL20", colorPaleGreen, styleLine, 0, 100, 0, 0, 1);//Plots 20% Target from Pivot
Plot(TL25, "TL25", colorPaleGreen, styleLine, 0, 100, 0, 0, 1);//Plots 25% Target from Pivot

PlotOHLC(PP, PP, UBL, UBL, "", colorAqua, styleCloud);//Buy Zone
PlotOHLC(SL5, SL5, SL8, SL8, "", colorPink, styleCloud);//Defensive Sell Zone
PlotOHLC(TL20, TL20, TL25, TL25, "", colorPaleGreen, styleCloud);//Offensive Sell Zone wait 8 weeks
//PlotOHLC(UBL, UBL, TL20, TL20, "", colorPaleGreen, styleCloud, 0, 0);//Wait 13 Weeks