Crosshair drawn on more charts

Hi everybody,
need help, please.
I'm trying to get a crosshair which have to be drawn synchronize in more charts. The charts have different timeframe (Daily and Weekly in this case) and the same chartID.
I'm able to draw a crosshair similar to default one and move it with the mouse cursor, but how can I show and syncronize it in the other charts?

RequestTimedRefresh(0.2, True);

//Mouse Position
x1 = GetCursorXPosition(0);
y1 = GetCursorYPosition(0);

//Vertical Line - Thanks to Milosz
FirstBar = DateTime() == x1;
Plot( FirstBar, "", colorRed, styleArea | styleOwnScale, 1, 0, 0, 0, .2 );

//Horizzontal Line



I know you havent had anyone comment on this but I was curious if you have made any progress on it yourself? This is something I have thought would be helpful as well. I know I have seen a video somewhere of someone that had done it but have yet to find the solution.

Hi MCassICT,
sorry to be late. Unfortunately I gave up. I tried another way but the biggest problem was the refresh, too slow and with some artifacts, maybe my pc not so powerful or much more easily... I have got problems with AFL.
Sorry not to be able to help you.

PS I saw the video you talk about, and yes, looking at the parameters it seems AFL, may be with some script's help

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Hi @MCassICT I'm not sure, but if it was here, you might be thinking about this thread (not only this post, but the whole thread):

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Since it is about cross hair it might be this old one.

Don't remember whether I posted the code on old gone AB yahoo forum.
But I believe I didn't.


Yep...that's the video I saw! I didn't realize that was you that posted it @fxshrat. Good work!

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