Crosshair - Is there any way to change color of crosshair?

Is there any way to change color of crosshair?? thru coding or by global settings etc?

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I don't know, but changing the background color will let you see it, if that's your problem.

Tool=> preferences=> axes/grids.

I too would like to be able to change the cross-hair color. I am using a light chart background and the black cross-hairs feel overpowering. In my case I'd set them to a color that was weaker and more subtle.

is there any update on this topic.. the style of the line used in the crosshair is too strong.

we should be able to customize the color, line style and the width. Please implement it.

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Crosshair does not have color at all. Crosshair is drawn with "XOR" operator (inverse). Therefore it is visible on every background (because it inverts any color). This ensures visibility. Any other solution would make crosshair invisible on some backgrounds which is not desired. Besides XOR operation is fast and is used for speed. So the answer to "implement it" is no.