Crypto Data Source

What are you using for your crypto data? Intraday or EOD data?

In my search on this forum I'm seeing that Tiingo is common. I used to be a Tiingo customer and wasn't very impressed with their equity data.

you can use Polygon also

Hey found of Tiingo here! Equity data is difficult because there are so many exchange licensing restrictions for intraday, whether thats us having to pass down a fee that can be several thousand USD per month, or requiring onerous reporting requirements (employment information, family member employment questions, - the questions you often get asked when you open up a US brokerage account, etc). The IEX Exchange is the only equity exchange without such onerous reporting but the difficulty is they can be lower market share. Nonetheless, we are working with several exchanges to see if we can mitigate some of the reporting but it may take years before everything becomes fully streamlined. It's hard to do that with Power plans given the scale we deal with but we can do it with our startup and enterprise plans relatively easily.

Crypto data is an entirely different beast that gives us so much more flexibility. Tiingo now helps secure over $80bn in smart contracts. We cover and aggregate 40+ exchanges including DEXes across multiple chains (Solana, Fantom, BSC, Huobi, AVAX, Polygon, Ethereum, etc.). We've now secured many 1bn+ enterprise clients for our crypto feed, and while our enterprise product has many more features, we try to give a rich subset to individuals wherever possible.

The major heads up I would say for Power members working with our crypto data is that we record the data "as-is." That means we record when exchanges have fat finger trades, send bad data, etc. The reason is for our backtesting clients who like to have this information to model and handle outliers. We can remove this data server-side, but it's near impossible for us to offer server-side filtering for Power members, so you will have to handle it on the client (your) side. Or you can exclude exchanges that often have outliers - but even large exchanges like Binance and DEXes have them, so something to track if you are modeling trading or valuation algos using our crypto data. It's a great product and I'm happy we can give it to Power members for the time being.


Hello, looking for a reliable intraday data source for intraday trading of cryptos. I think it probably needs to support the wait for backfill option in Amibroker so that I get up to the minute signals, but I have not used this function yet.
Anybody have any ideas?