Current Bid Offer price?

Hi there!
Is it possible to read current nearest Bid and Offer prices from TWS through IBController?
Thank you.

i think you mean:

Yes! Thank you!
And there is next question - how to get order book (I mean Market depth i.e. Level II)?

as far as I know you can not access the book from Amibroker

If you get a datasource like IQFeed you can get the historical price at the bid and ask saved in the arrays Aux1 and Aux2 (if you open a tick database). From this you can then derive the historical volume at the bid and ask and the socalled "deltavolume".

Thank you!
Im connected to IB TWS as live data. So I can see the depth from the TWS but Id like to know how to get it from AB, m.b. through IBController.

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