Current day low more than yesterday low

If current day low is higher then yesterday's low and
low of any canlde is less than prev day low
and close is less than previous day low
generate buy call.

This is my code please let me know where iam wrong?

HSDayChangePrev = TimeFrameGetPrice("H", inDaily, -1);
LSDayChangePrev= TimeFrameGetPrice("L", inDaily, -1);
Currdayhigh=TimeFrameGetPrice("H", inDaily);	
isStartOfDay = Day() != Ref(Day(),-1);
currhval=Ref(HighestSince(isStartOfDay,H), -1);
currlval= Ref(LowestSince(isStartOfDay,L), -1);

Buy1  =  currlval  >  LSDayChangePrev  AND L <  LSDayChangePrev AND C < LSDayChangePrev;
PlotShapes(IIf(Buy1, shapeSquare, shapeNone),colorGreen, 0, L, Offset=-20);
PlotShapes(IIf(Buy1, shapeSquare, shapeNone),colorLime, 0,L, Offset=-30);                      

PlotShapes(IIf(Buy1, shapeUpArrow, shapeNone),colorWhite, 0,L, Offset=-25);