Custom .afl files missing expected .afl file extension

Occasionally, my custom formulas folder contains an older copy of my recently edited formula, but without any file extension.
Why does Amibroker create this file? Is it safe to delete?

I have experienced a similar thing. See item #2754 in the AmiBroker feedback center…

Here is the text from my post:

A specific interaction with the AFL editor results in an improperly saved .afl file and an unwanted chart pane.

Please do the following to reproduce the error:

  1. Open a chart pane and edit the formula by right clicking and selecting ‘Edit formula’.
  2. Make a change to the code. For example, add a blank line or comment.
  3. Attempt to exit the AFL editor without saving the file or applying changes.
  4. When prompted ‘Save changes to …?’, click ‘Cancel’. The editor remains open.
  5. Press the ‘Apply indicator button’ to apply changes to the chart pane.

This results in a new pane being opened and a new file is saved in /Formulas/Custom with the same name as the original file, but with the .afl extension missing.
The original file is not modified.


So if I understand this, you tell Amibroker to cancel the save, but the formula is saved anyway. The save, however, is in a file that does not contain the file extension.

Thanks for explaining this! I guess it’s a bit of a safety net!