Custom Pane Sizing Automatically or Programatically via AFL?

Hi all,

I've searched the forum for ways to use AFL to automatically determine the sizing of a pane with respect to the overall chart sheet / workspace and have not been able to find an appropriate resolution. The closest I found was someone else searching for this back in 2019, so hoping there may have been updates:

I am aware of the SetChartOptions() function and currently also using this to set default ymin/ymax values. Currently, whenever I make adjustments to a script and save it under a new version name when I go to apply it to the chart workspace, it will automatically adds a new pane - thus any customisations to the axis grid as well as pane size will need to be adjusted again. The axis grid is taken care of by the SetChartOptions() in afl, but the pane size for both the last applied pane and all other panes on the sheet then need to be resized. For me, this becomes tedious so was hoping to automate it somehow by setting something like a default % of the full sheet size i.e. pane 1 (OHLC) gets 50%, Pane 2 gets 25% (RSI) and Pane 3 gets the last 25% (ADX).

I understand I can (and do) save the chart layout to preserve this, but during the development of the specific workspace sheet I'll go through a lot of iterations before finding the final layout to save.

Any thoughts to the workflow or ways to achieve this would be appreciated.


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