Cutom Time Button


This is not a new topic and I have done it many times before but am getting extremely frustrated why it is not working now.

The issue is customizing time frame buttons in the "View" toolbar.

Despite having done this many times before it is not working now.
I have repeatedly gone over the old posts on the forum to check if I am making any mistake - but have not been able to spot any mistake .

Below is the selection I have mae in "Prefernces"-

But this does not show up in the "View -Intraday", unable to send scren shot as this menu disappears when I click on the snipping tool.

Can anyone please guide me or if there is an alternate method of getting custom time buttons in the view menu.

Thanks and regards.

@JEETU, although I don't use anything intraday, I tried with a database with 1-minute bars.
I noticed that after creating the custom "buttons" on the toolbar if you remove them without dragging them back to the View/Intraday menu, the intraday menu items are reduced in number.
In my case, having eliminated 3 buttons from the toolbar (that I previously added as per the referenced thread without creating a copy holding down the CTRL key), without putting (drag & drop) them back into the menu, I now only have 2 items instead of 5.


Perhaps there is a way to reset the View/Intraday items menu to the original ones, but I haven't found it. Maybe @tomasz can explain how to do it.

@JEETU, I found a way to restore the situation by experimenting a little more.

Open the "Customize.." dialog (keep it open while doing the following steps).


From its"Commands" tab select "View" and the "Intraday" command/menu.
"Drag & Drop" this entry into the main "View" menu under the already existing "Intraday" entry (now you'll have 2 "Intraday" sub-items).

Then, on the main View menu, click on the previous "Intraday" item on the leftmost side (where the red arrow points).


A new popup menu with the "Delete" entry is displayed. Delete the old "Intraday" entry.
Close the "Customize..." dialog and the new "Intraday" menu item will show all 5 intraday options you have set.
(I did this operation after removing all the "custom" buttons from the toolbar - not sure if it is needed or not).


@beppe ,

thanks a lot, your steps worked perfectly and I have done the needful.

Once again thanks.

warm regards,