Daily indicators on a weekly chart?

I haven't seen it done before but I am curious if it is possible to duplicate daily chart indicators onto a weekly chart? I have tried looking through the forum to see if I could find the question anywhere else but can't seem to find anything asking quite the same thing.

@MCassICT if I understand you correctly you want to Plot 5 data points (from 5 daily indicator readings) under 1 Bar, that is every 1 Week Bar?

I am not an expert on the charting aspects of AmiBroker but it seems to me that you need to use Daily data to create your indicators. So using a Daily Chart you can create Weekly bars and then see your daily indicator in the same chart, something like this (in this example there are 5 daily readings of the RSI plotted for each 1 Weekly O/H/L/C bar),

The creation of the Weekly bars on the Daily chart has been discussed on the forum a few times like back here,

Or maybe you are looking to create different windows and layouts which are reviewed,




Ill go through and check these out. Thanks for pointing me in their direction.

@portfoliobuilder agreed to everything else that you've stated in your post but I strongly disagree to this:

Thank you for all your contributions over the years!