Daily View As Default Not Working


I want to set Daily View as my default chart. I have choose a Daily View for my chart. But when I add New Default Chart the chart back to Intraday => 1 Minutes. I have try to Save Chart ".chart" and try to save Template As Default. But all not working.

If I use a layout I just save for one symbol. I want all symbol to be Daily View. Also In Database Setting my Base Time Interval available just 1 Minutes.

I have read the forum related to my question, but I cannot find a proper topic and solution for my case.

How can I save the "Daily View" as default, so when I open New Default Chart It start with daily view ?

Thank You

New Default Chart function creates a NEW chart with Interval set to "Base time interval" as defined in File->Database Settings.

What data source are you using? Apparently some unsupported 3rd party data source that does not support daily base time interval.
With all normal (our) plugins you should be able to just select Daily in the File->Database Settings.

Also interval is only stored with LAYOUTS so you would need to save LAYOUT to have interval stored

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