Dark theme for Watch window (Debugger)?

Is there a way to apply dark theme for Watch window (Debugger)?

I've got cataract recent years
because of staring at the computer over some decades,
so I try to look only at the software that provides the dark theme.

If no way currently, please consider provide it on the future,
Thank you very much :smiley: !


I use f.lux. Cuts out the blue light which is easier on the eyes.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: !
I've already use that (with Win10 night light) for some time,
but if software provides dark theme directly,
(ex. Debugger watch window, Analysis results window)
then everyting will be better, but it cost developer's time.

Almost no ophthalmologist will tell you how to protect your eyes.

So 'polarized sunglasses' is necessary
when you go out and face the sun (even when you are young),
and it can be used in front of your computer,
then do some Yoga, do some 'Bates Method 101',
eyes would be better,
bless you!

I could add a dark theme for ALL list-views (including Analysis, Batch, Account, Symbol lists, Real-Time Quote) not just Watch window. Would that work for you?


Thank you Dr. Tomasz :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse: !
You are the savier of all AmiBroker lovers!!!!!!!!!!

I think all users (who need to protect their eyes :sunglasses:)
will be very glad to pay (or pay again) for these cool themes!

and please consider
to add a keyboard underline for Edit > Line &comment.
(or also add a keyboard shortcut for Edit > Line comment)


This new feature is available now in AmiBroker version 6.35.0 in Tools->Customize, Appearance tab: Use dark theme for listviews checkbox


Dark theme list view looks as follows:


Real-time quote:


Thank you, Tomasz!

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Can AFL Formula Editor Dark color ?Dark afl formua theme


Broker_AvABGHaM37 !


Thanks Sir for help and care

I'm looking for ways to change the color of the selection code. Because the default selection color is very opaque and not visible.

How to change the color of the selection code in the Editor. ThanksSelection Editor

I want to change the color yellow. Thanks

Selection color is automatically computed based on background color for maximum visibility of text. Yellow background and yellow text would not be visible.

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Hi @Tomasz. Is there also a way to change the background colour for the Side Windows (ie. Interpretation, Information, Symbols, etc. windows)? Cheers and Thanks !!

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