Data available but not plotting

Could someone please what's happening here? It appears I have data for stock WPL:


....and yet it doesn't plot. The quotation editor is empty, as follows.


Is this data sourced from a Plugin ?

Did you try deleting the symbol and re-importing data?

Are other symbols displaying correctly?

Hi travick,

Not from a plug-in. Some symbols are ok, others are the same as WPL shown here. I don't want to re-import if I can avoid it.

If you are importing manually, from txt/csv file etc, are you sure the data matches correctly with the import format and it is free from bad/wrong characters etc.

You can open the file in a good text editor like npp and check.

If I open the WPL file in npp, I get this:


Not the WPL file, that's obviously using AB proprietary format.
I meant the raw import data.

Share more details, atleast as much as you can.
You have not even mentioned if it is fresh import. Was it working yesterday or day before etc. Did it happen all of a sudden.
Some stupid Antivirus or another program could've corrupted the file if we had to make a wild guess.

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The data is clean because yesterday it was plotting normally, and I haven't added to the database since then.

AB is whitelisted on my AV softwares. I have a feeling this was caused by a Win10 update.

For some reason that file seems corrupted, because all the Symbol files start with text like this

BROKDAt5<symbol name>

Compare the WPL file with any symbol that's working.

Sorry I don't know what you mean. How do I do that?

Right now you just posted a snap of WPL.
You can see the data has unknown characters as per npp.

If you open a good symbol file, that means a symbol that's plotting correctly.
open that symbol file in npp and you see that the file starts with a code that I posted.

can you check that ?

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Thanks, yes they're different.

I think the windows updates where everything gets force-closed without my consent may have caused this.

Thanks for your help trav.

Yes, another uncommon problem.

I've disabled everything that windows 10 can do autonomously otherwise,
so never had these issues but file corruption can occur from abnormal shutdowns, disk failures etc and nothing mostly to do with AB itself.

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Your file is corrupted - filled with ZERO bytes (i.e. bytes that have code of zero (Null)). This may be because of bad antivirus. Some antiviruses go crazy and delete / corrupt non-exe files. See Bad Image (0xC000020) error - McAfee gone mad
The other reason could be theoretically power failure when disk did not complete writing file to physical medium (or flash memory cells in case of SSD).
See and

You can just delete the file and import the data from text file.


hehe, AV was one my first guess.

This time the culprit seems to be its relative :rofl: :rofl: