Data between K line & AddColumn are inconsistent

Hey guys,

I want to rank every close of symbols, and here's the issue:
—Day before 2002/5/16: the rank were all correct.
—Day after 2005/5/16: more and more close of symbol are empty on the AddColumn, but the data on the K line are normal, i'm wondering why is that.

Here're the part of the screenshot and the code below, thank you.


Mainlist = GetCategorySymbols(categoryWatchlist, 1);

if (Status( "StockNum" ) == 0 )
	for (i = 0; (Sym = StrExtract(Mainlist, i)) != ""; i++)
		SymClose =  Close;
		StaticVarSet("ValuesToSort" + Sym, SymClose);
	StaticVarGenerateRanks("rank", "ValuesToSort", 0, 1224);

Close_Price = StaticVarGet("ValuesToSort" + Name());
Close_Price_Rank = StaticVarGet("rankValuesToSort" + Name());

Filter = 1;
AddColumn(Close_Price, "Close");
AddColumn(Close_Price_Rank, "Close_Rank");
SetSortColumns(2, 4);

See symbol 100220.SH_C



Your watchlist defined in AFL code and the watchlist set in Filter of analysis toolbar appear to be not the same ones.

What do you get if using this one

Mainlist = GetCategorySymbols(categoryWatchlist, GetOption("FilterIncludeWatchlist"));

and then clearing all Filters and then choosing watchlist number there.

Also enable pad&align in analysis general settings.

Hi, @fxshrat

Thank you so much for your great help.

The index of my GetCategorySymbols code is 1, same as my filters setting.



Can't understand why was this happened. May i ask what else info do i need to provide?


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