Data edits not saving MetaStock RT Plugin

I'm editing the Aux1 column of my price data as instructed here.
The edits are importing perfectly. However, when I close Ami and
re-start it, the edits are gone. I tried Save Database, and interestingly
the symbol I edited appeared in the pop up window. But still, the edits
are gone when I close and re-start Ami. If anyone has any suggestion I would appreciate it. Thanks

You need to share all the database settings here.
If you are using a Plugin or external data source, it may well just be getting overwritten.

I think AB can guarantee Data integrity only for a Local DB.

Will this suffice or do I need to pull a file?
Should I be discussing this with Norgate?

I haven't use MS but I think this will help as I thought in my first post because another user posted something similar but as I said, the data is being controlled by the Plugin.

Thank you for replying. I have had success importing new tickers so perhaps I can achieve my goal that way.

Please read the manual:

it says:

As you can see, data plug-ins provide READ-ONLY access to the quotes in the external database. This means that your external data sources are never modified by AmiBroker.

When using plugin external database takes full control over data. This means you can't save quotation data (such as Aux) into external database. Besides MS does not have concept of "Aux" data.

Custom data can only be saved in plugin driven database for symbols that are marked as "Use local database only" in Symbol->Information window, which effectively disconnects them from plugin.

Thank you Tomasz. I never knew the ability existed to disconnect a symbol from a plugin. This opens up many possibilities.

Amibroker is an incredible product that constantly exceeds my expectations.