Data Feed Historical Data IB

I am using IB data feed and have been working around its limitations, a problem for me to fix is historical data periodicity. I am using 5 min Data works fine, however my database is limited to using less the 50000 time cycles. SO when backfill IB data will use 1 min Intervals although I have selected 5 min interval. Is there a patch to modify the Plugin to use selected intervals only?

First of all there is not any number of bars limit per each and every AmiBroker database (except for hardware limit or data vendor’s available amount of historical data).

As for base time interval… it can be set in File>Database settings>Base time interval.

As for IB settings and limits read here

I run exploration with 5 sec repeat on 200 symbols with barlimit at 3000 in 5 min interval (actual number of Bars x 5 =15000, with 64 bit processor required time about 1,3 sec. on live data in autotrading mode using IB controller. My preferred barlimit is 15000 in 5 min interval, processor limitation does not allow 5 sec repeat time with out breaking in auto trading mode.
any suggestions ?