Data Feed Provider Asking for Registered Email

Hi , I am planning to use a data feed provider, the provider requested that i provide my amibroker/amibroker forum registered email that i used at point of purchasing amibroker. Is this safe for me to provide this information , is it possible for my email to be used to take over my amibroker license. I sound bit paranoid, but i am prefer to stay on the safe side.


No license details are private and confidential and should never be shared with anyone. Data provider has no reason to ask for that.


Thank you @Tomasz, if thats the case may I assume no one else,except for you or I , will be able to check/verify , which email i used to purchase my amibroker license ?

thank you for your time.

That is correct. Your email is kept private (as long as you don't give it away yourself to someone)

much appreciated @Tomasz.