Data from Interactive Brokers to AmiBroker

Dear Tomasz,
I treied relying to your response, it could not deliver.
I have subscribed to market data of NSE exchange via Interactive brokers.
I am trading in interactive brokers from past 4 years.
Now i am interested in Amibroker platfrom. Before going to licensed version, i want to try free version.
Please help me how do i get charts updated in amibroker

To get the data from Interactive Brokers, you have to be subscribed to particular symbol market AND the symbol must be correct.

Since you are from India, I guess that with the symbol "SBIN" you mean "State Bank Of India". If that guess is correct, then the "SBIN" symbol is obviously incorrect.

All non-US symbols traded on exchanges different than NYSE/Nasdaq/AMEX and traded with different currency than US dollar require specification of EXCHANGE and CURRENCY. As per manual you need a symbol in the format of:


Your symbol is missing that.

To find correct symbol follow the manual.

See this:

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Working Fine, Charts are plotting
I missed to add Currency Part

Thank you Tomasz