Data Install from Data Premium

Apologies, this cant be that hard but being a old bugger with limited computer know how, I have just signed back up to AB which has been a while.
My issue is once again trying to get the data from "Premium Data" to actually show up on a chart, because when I go to download it , it looks like an empty file which is ridiculous.
They are not very good at giving clean instructions for the installation of data into software. YES they currently have an email in their inbox waiting for them.

There are two steps to using data from Norgate. First is to install their standard tools and data, either from Premium Data or Norgate Data Updater (the latter has a more complete integration with AmiBroker. The second step is to install AmiBroker-specific tools and plugins, and to create an AmiBroker database. If you haven't done that yet, you can start here for instructions:

Hi Greg,

See our email that we've sent to you, which references this page for Premium Data:

Matt's reply was for our newer system, Norgate Data.


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Cheers everyone, thanks for the help, look to have it sorted now