Data loss , chart grid colors


(a) Using the same version of Amibroker for a few years, today when opening the Amibroker software after using it normally yesterday I found the program had erased all of ticker symbols from the WatchLists and returned my custom chart pages to the original appearance without indicators and chosen colors. Almost immediately after opening the software a message something about "your data vendor is using numbers above 255 to label the data, your data has now been placed in database "0", contact your data vendor about the problem". I could not find my data in any database within AmiBroker but typing symbols to rebuild a few Watchlists seems to retrieve data from somewhere within Amibroker for charts. What has happened, and are my custom charts stored anywhere to use again ?

(b) Attempting to rebuild my custom charts, a few questions;
(1) I want a solid black background for the entire chart, not alternating colors of black and grey marking each calendar month. How to have only black ?
(2) How to change the color of the ticker name, prices, and indicator names/numbers on the charts ? The names and numbers are appearing as white and I prefer more subdued colors.

I have looked in "Preferences" > "Axes Grids" and searched the internet but have been unable to find instructions for solving these problems.