Data Plugin: How to define `LPARAM RecentInfo` for reading ASCII?

I have to write a data plug-in to read intraday prices from files exactly as per the ASCII example from the ADK. I use a separate Python application to apply price filtering and construct the data files.

My situation is very similar to In that post, Tomasz explained that the last LPARAM argument is "RecentInfo struct documented in ADK".

(1) Can I put LPARAM RecentInfo as zero 0? If yes, then things are much simpler.
(2) If the answer to (1) is 'no', what should I put under nStructSize?

I know this is not a Python forum, but if anyone has experience using Python's win32api.SendMessage() to send the WM_USER_STREAMING_UPDATE to Amibroker, please share your experience.

One problem that I'm still googling is how to mark the nBitmap field. According to the ADK html: "To mark which fields are valid you should store combination of RI_*** bit flags defined in Plugin.h into nBitmap field.". How should I do that in Python?

I've spent the last many hours googling and reading the ADK html & sample code; yet there's still a big gap in knowledge. I develop in Linux + Python and have almost no experience in Windows messaging nor C++. Unfortunately, I have to do this as it is critical to my project.


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You can't write data plugins in Python (interpreted language). You need a language that compiles to native machine code - C/C++ is recommended. If you don't have C/C++ experience (and your question about struct size says so), it is recommended to hire programmer because things like these are absolute basics. As to the question - you can find it yourself in supplied examples - use "find in files" for nStructSize. And sure you can pass zero but features like Time&Sales and RT quote window won't work without that.

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Hi, Tom. I was wondering could you referred me to recommended reading or some sort of material guarding development of a data plug in in c++/c# ? I'm having a hard time locating this type of documentation and instructions.

Thanks for your reply, Tomasz.

I won't need Time&Sales nor RT quote window for my use-case, so I'll pass zero into the RecentInfo struct.

No, I am not thinking of writing the DLL in Python. For that, I plan to use VC++.

My Python app is the one doing the data cleaning and when done, it sends the WM_USER_STREAMING_UPDATE message to AmiBroker for AB to import the data.

I'll consider that, thanks.