Data reload for a symbol


How do i reload data for a particular symbol ? Force backfill (IQFEED) is only causing it to getting it from local data storage and not from IQ server

And i dont want to create a new data base just for one symbol


Do browse through the forum and the Manuals.

If it doesnt work, you can then point out specific issue.

Check this:

TJ has put all the details

I couldnt solve it. there must be easier way to reload historical data - by deleting the symbol and reloading it historical data - i am seeing discrepancy with outlier data (attached)badoutlierdataiqfeed

That is not true. Read this:

  • Force backfill - this option causes that plugin re-downloads entire (intraday) history from the server. Usually the plugin automatically handles all backfills so you don't need to trigger backfills by hand. If the plugin detects that you have some missing quotes from last available bar till current date/time it triggers backfills and it is all automatic. But... in at least two cases this option is useful:
  • backfilling more bars after settings change (when you enlarge 'number of bars to load' in File->Database Settings dialog you have to force backfill for symbols that were backfilled previously with smaller number of bars)
  • cleaning up bad ticks (when you see a bad tick you may try forcing backfill in hope that data vendor has cleaned up its database and you will get fixed data - works well for eSignal that really appears to fix bad ticks after they happen)

Besides you have already asked:

... and you were given a solution, but you didn't respond ...

Besides bad ticks when using IQFEED has already been discussed here in details. Have you read Tomasz suggestions from the thread below? You should always start from searching for similar threads.