Data vendor changes tabs via OLE, was: Chart Tabs switche between them automatically at regular intervals

I have opened 3 default charts.But when i am drawing some study on a particular chart,it automatically switches to another then another,It scrolls between them automatically.I am not able to stop it.
What can be the issue and how can i solve it?
Your help is appreciated.

Thanks and regards,
Gloria Filamino.

Moderator comment: Problem created by data vendor 3rd party software that manipulated tabs via OLE as written here: Data vendor changes tabs via OLE, was: Chart Tabs switche between them automatically at regular intervals

Hi @Gloriafilamino,

It sounds highly unusual for AB to be doing it, but .., more info needed pls.

If I understand your issue correctly:

  1. you have 3 charts open/ onscreen, with no activity whatsoever, ie. no mouse movements, no real-time data feed, etc.
  2. you then attempt to insert a "study" on one of them, via the menu ("Insert, Horizontal line"), or similarly via one of your toolbars

, AB then automatically switches between the open charts.

Does the problem occur only on one, or on all of them?

Please clarify what you mean by "It scrolls between them automatically"

In the title of your post, above, you say "at regular intervals". What do you mean by this mean?

Does the problem happen with all types of studies, or only particular ones?

So, how do you get it to stop? Have you been able to?

What version of AB are you using?

What plugins do you have loaded? (via "Tools, Plug-ins")

Can you give us some pictures/ video (if necessary) to illustrate what's happening, please.

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AB itself does not have documented inbuilt routine switching tabs automatically (AFAIK).

Such automatic chart tab switching would happen only if you would have some OLE code (that iterates through chart tabs) being added within your chart's AFL(s).

Apparently you have local DB applied and without RequestTimedRefresh code. So such OLE code would react on mouse click only and then would execute. So it would have got to do with chart selection (acting as execution trigger -> because of refresh) but not with drawing studies itself.

Open (all) your AFL(s) (that are applied in default chart) via Formula editor and search for "Broker.Application" there (in editor). In formula editor search for it via Edit - Find of editor's menu bar. (As aside..."Broker.Application" would be part of either CreateObject or CreateStaticObject functions).

If it is found then comment that line and all lines below of that "Broker.Application" line.

Then click Apply button of Formula editor's tool bar.

If "Broker.Application" line is not found then search for ShellExecute code lines instead. If it is found then check all such lines in that AFL whether they have path to some *.js or *.vbs or *.py file included. If so then comment all those ShellExecute lines and then click Apply button.

(In general: Do not apply OLE code if you do not know the consequences of it. OLE code is a road to disaster in beginners hands.)


Thanks Phase and fxshrat for your effort.
I am grateful for the detailed explanation.
At last it was found that the problem lies with the application from the data vendor.They we're trying some developments in their application.After several complaints we were provided the old one back.Now amibroker is back to normal as ever.
Thanks once again.
Gloria Filamino.

@Gloriafilamino - it would be useful to know what date vendor that is, so if somebody else is having the same problem we can ask if they are using vendor "X".

OLE generally should NOT be used by data vendors. Data vendors should use plugin interface to deliver data. OLE interface is for end user to write their own automation.

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Thanks Tomasz for your attention.
I want to hold the Identity of the vendor since they apologized for their attempt without notifying the users in advance and that too during the market hours.As we were informed that it was a bug from their side.Thanks for your understanding.

Gloria Filamino