Data wiped intermittently

I am having an ongoing problem where a small portion of my stock data will be intermittently wiped. Sometimes just 50 symbols, sometimes a week's worth of data loss affecting all symbols. I close my AB down before shutting down my PC completely each night. I have the latest AB stable version and there's no anti-virus conflicts. Can plug-ins cause such problems? I think they're just the standard one for the most part - maybe have added one or two over the years.



If you can shed more light, then some pattern or sense can be made.
It couldn't be the plugins, especially, bcos they're just being loaded and not all being used at the same time per-se.
I can't comment on any 3rd party plugins though.

How long has it been for?
Was it immediately after upgrade?
You are not describing your data vendor(s), or their plugin(s) or the DB setting.
Is it Local DB or partly or completely Plugin based.
Description of your OS, nowadays ppl in Nth post mention AWS/Cloud based etc.
Your OS Account user Privileges.

Have you checked the settings > Data > Local DB save options (if applicable)
Although Data removed should be oldest.

Are you loosing most recent data, or oldest or in between ?
As an old member, i'm sure you can understand the need for describing in detail.


@C_M the problems you are facing might be strictly related to your Hardware or OS. For instance something outside of AmiBroker interferes with your files or you have some HDD/SSD issues ...

If you are using TWS/IB similar problems have been reported and you might find a solution in this thread:

also check out this thread:

If the above doesn't help I suggest checking if clicking (or selecting) Save Database or Save All each time before closing AmiBroker solves the problem. AmiBroker by default saves the database on exit, but nevertheless I encourage you to give it a try.


Thanks travick and Milosz.

I will try the 'save database' option when closing down and will look into how my AV might be slowing the data saving process. I will post more detail if this doesn't work.