Database from Taipan Watchlist and save watchlists

Today I my database and watchlist disappeared. Under Recent Database
I found TpeoD clicked again and I saw my watchlists again. God thanks,
it is a lot of work to create single watchlists from Taipan Database.
How can I save this or do I have do export all watchlists or how can I save
this watchlists structure with external Database from Taipan to get it back.
My next step will be to add database from Norton. Is it possible to see all created watchlists from Norton and Taipan or do I have to open the different databases and save it. But first how can I backup this to get always my old database structure if something is going wrong.
Thanks for any advice.

@Munichtrader everything about AmiBroker watchlists is explained in this document.

Note this crucial paragraph:

Watch lists are now stored as text files inside "Watchlists" folder inside database (folder). The folder contains any number of .TLS files with watchlists themselves and index.txt that defines the order of watch lists. You can add your own .tls file (one symbol per line), and AmiBroker will update index.txt automatically (adding any new watch lists at the end).

So the easiest way to backup tour watchlist is to make backup copy these .tls files and eventually copying them in a new database folder (obviously for a database with the same symbols).