Database on Dropbox or NAS


Is it possible to save the Amibroker database on Dropbox or a NAS?
If so, does anyone have experience of such a solution?

I´m looking for a solution where I can reach the Amibroker database from
my personal computer and my work computer!

Best regards,

Leif Axelsson

Hello AsaLeffe,

Solution 1: Setup a Windows "virtual machine" in the Cloud and connect via browser or native client software from your vendor ( := rent a virtual windows server/machine )

Solution 2: Setup remote ODBC connection via VPN tunnel, this will be really slow and you have to store your ticks for example in a sql database

Solution 3: Setup a VPN tunnel to your private/home network and use RDP to your local machine running AB. You could also use VNC or Teamviewer etc to connect to your home pc. Use for example DynDNS to locate your private pc in the internet ...

For best performance AB database should be stored local to AB application on same pc. In my mind any SMB share will be problematic because of latency over the internet connection.

If you should open remote connection to your home pc please do not forget to configure your firewall/security infrastructure.


I have AMI at home and at work. I use to keep things up to date (I have a dedicated storage server that I use).
Note that I am only using one or the other AMI instance, not both at the same time.

Issues I've ran into: Chart setup is stored in the database it seems. So unless your naming scheme is exactly the same across both computers (same exact user name and drive letters), you will run into issues with indicators and charts not being displayed.

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