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I have always used Tingo EOD data (and Data Source setting (local database)) and just have one database that I have always used which is in C:\Program Files\Amibroker\Data . I know I would want to back it up before doing anything but if I were to go into the settings of this database and set it up to use the DDE interface to link to ThinkorSwim, will it just change the ticker data source? Would I be able to switch back seemlessly if I chose to go back to the (local database) setting?

I dont know if I have asked this question well so if I can clear it up in anyway let me know. I am basically trying to see before I do it if I can use the same database I have always used or if I should create a new one (I really dont want to do that).

Just to add to this I am aware of needing to configure the DDE...I have read all that I can find on the topic. Just not sure if a new database must be used or if its is OK to change settings in an existing database without losing anything

Since I hadnt gotten a response yet I thought I would try asking ChatGP just for the hell of it. I'd be curious how good this response is considering there have been several users trying to test GPT on its Amibroker knowledge.

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Local DB symbols are not meant for real-time quotes.

However, if you have a real-time DB there is no harm in importing ASCII local quotes provided the symbology matches (real-time v/s local).

Changing plugin of the working database does not affect layouts.

However, to be on safer side, it is better to create a Test DB; once satisfied implement the same onto the working one.

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Thanks @Cougar I think that sounds like a smart approach

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Actually Chat GPT gave you correct answer with regards to DDE.
It fantasised on Tiingo since Tiingo is available via AmiQuote, not as a plug-in.

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