Database Ticker Names

I have a database to download from Yahoo. I can add ticker symbols to secondary lists and successfully down-load data and view on Amibroker.
My question is:- How to add the company name to my database so it will display on the chart.
Not sure yet how to upload pictures. The one I tried to load showed the 'Assignment organizer' with a list of 'Tickers' but only MSFT having a 'Full Name'.

Simply use Tools->Update US symbol lists and categories to get everything setup properly for all US stock markets.

Thank you for the quick reply. I have done as you suggested and it has updated most of the US database. I have attached a photo showing some of the shares updated.

However I do not trade the US share market. I work with the Australian and New Zealand share markets as well as CMC CFD broker. With CMC I can trade Shares, Forex, Index's and Commodities.

How do I update my Australian as well as New Zealand, Commodity and Index ticker symbols with their full name.

It would be nice to have the name and not try to remember what (eg) 'BZ=F' represents.

An extension to this is: How do I divide NZ and AU tickers into their respective Sectors. I cannot find 'Sector' folders to adjust.

Sorry forgot to upload last message.

Just found my 'Scan' function no longer works after I updated symbols. Charts still display up to date information. Tried various options but cannot seem to get scan to work. Will keep trying.

Scan and everything WORKS after update. Really, don't get into "panic" mode. Everything works.

Just run


and use Apply to: "ALL SYMBOLS" Range: "All quotes", uncheck "Pad and align to reference symbol" in the Settings and press SCAN and you will find that everything is fine.

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