Database, Watchlist and Setup wiped

Hi everyone,

There may be a simple fix that I'm not considering and any help anyone can provide would be great. I've had this issue sporadically, maybe once every two weeks or more, where I will go to open my amibroker program and it appears to be restored to factory settings. The database is wiped and not even set up, my layouts are all gone, and any watchlists I created have disappeared. It doesn't appear that the program is fully erasing as I still have my custom formulas. This has occurred both when I've left it running active scans of stocks AND when it is not running anything but was just left open.
There may be a simple solution I'm missing so if I need to provide any extra info or photos to show my issue please let me know. Again any help would be fantastic, this issue isn't massive but it a pain to reconnect the database regularly.

I apologize for not thinking of this sooner, I was running the 64-bit amibroker not the 32-bit version. I've switched to that now. Does anyone know if that is a possible cause for the issue? I believe my computer had the correct hardware to run 64-bit but I found an article from Tomasz that said the 32-bit is typically the superior option and less likely to crash (I was naive and just initially assumed a higher bit would be better).

There is no difference in stability.

However, you have to RUN FULL AmiBroker SETUP (do not copy files from one machine to the other). Full setup is ESSENTIAL for proper operation.

The other possible culprit is antivirus doing its mess, see:

Thank you Tomasz!

I deleted and redownloaded it and so far the issue seems to be resolved, it's possible my previous download was not a full installation (I can't recall).

I'll also look into the antivirus settings and ensure they're turned off.

Thank you for your support!

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