Dbg files in amibroker formula folders

Hello, what are the dbg files generated in Amibroker formula folders? I can`t remeber to see them but recently usually when a formula is written its saved as dot afl now among that I have files with the dbg extension, the picture shows such file next to the original afl file saved and created by meCapture

Some formulas today were missing code parts maybe these have something to do with?

They are created if you use AmiBroker debugger.
The content of those files can be read by opening them with text editors such as NotePad.

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I did not...recently maybe i just did not notice them but now because of some issues with some formulas, thx for your answer.

As you said maybe you just did not notice what you did. Maybe you have set some breakpoints or bookmarks once or have used watch window. In any case those files are definitely debugger files.

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