DDE Configuration Partly Failure

Hi everyone!
I need help with AmiBroker extracting real time data through DDE plugin.
I followed the instruction given by AmiBroker ( http://www.amibroker.com/dde.html ) but it still couldn't manage to extract data from my data provider application.
Then I figure that I need to add symbols so AmiBorker could get the appropriate data ( https://www.amibroker.com/guide/h_basic.html ) and it manages to do it but it didn't extract it well.
In picture 1, you can see the DDE plugin configuration and how an excel with those formulas update by them.

picture 1

In picture 2 and 3, as you can see, it doesn't extract the appropriate data and on the right format . for some odd reason, he translates the given number to some odd format.

picture 2

picture 3

Someone can help me figure out what I did wrong Please?
Why all of the given titles ( Close, High and low ) share the same value when they are
configure differently?
And why AmiBroker translate the numbers in odd ways?
Thanks in advance, Issac

You apparently configured it incorrectly. If Close, High and Low are the same it means that High and Low fields are incorrect because the plugin will use Close for H and L if High and Low fields are wrong.

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Hi Tomasz, thanks for the reply.
But as you can see in picture 1, the given links of High and Low in the excel with the exact formula description given different values. but when As seen on picture 2 and 3 you can see that it doesn't retrieve those value correctly for some odd reason.

Do you have any recommendation on the other problem ? about the reason why AmiBroker translate the numeric data into floating small numbers?

Check your source. Chances are that it feeds data as text with dot as thousand separator which obviously will be interpreted as decimal point.

Hi and thanks again Tomasz.

Isn't there a way to format those entries on the fly?
I'm trying to figure out if "Import from ASCII" can help with that.
Do you have any suggestion of what to do on the AmiBroker application side
that can handle this? Just in case the data provider answer that its the only way
the DDE links produce its Data.

Thanks in advance, Issac.

Do you mean, remove the period that TJ suggested may be present in the data as a thousand's separator ?

Thanks travick for your reply.

And I think that is the problem, because when I check in the Quatations Editor I find that if the current value is below 1000 then its been shown correctly, but the moment its reach or exceed the 1000 value AmiBroker application format it to be a small number ( I have an example that showing that case if needed ).

If you have any idea why both of the problems accure I will be more then glad.
Thanks in advance, Issac.