DDE Plug-in AB 64 bit version

Hello everyone I am trying to use the DDE plug-in in a 64-bit AB version. On this page DDE I see that there is or was an updated version called 1.3 9/27/2013 for 64 bits, but when downloading the dll, the version of the file is the same as that with AB installed, i.e. 1.2.2. Is there a 64-bit version 1.3?

The latest version of DDE plugin is 1.4.0 and it is installed by AmiBroker setup. Just install newest AmiBroker 6.40.4 - and you will got latest versions of the plugin.

You should check version numbers inside AmiBroker because what matters is internal version number that may be different than file version.

Here is how it looks when you install AmiBroker 6.40.4:


General rule is that newest AmiBroker version ships with newest plugins and you don't need to update anything manually, unless in rare circumstances when hot fix is released.

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Thanks a lot Tomasz :heartbeat:

ok, I see Tomasz.

Unfortunately I put a eye on plugins folders, in that folder there is an oldest dll, what is incomprehensible for me:

Captura de pantalla 2022-02-23 094706

So what that it is oldest? Why change something that isn't broken. Microsoft DDE is old tech and did not see any "invention" for 20+ years.

Yes, there was one re-invention. How win money doing nothing

Your comment is directed to Microsoft or me? I am asking because I am not sure.

You told me that Microsoft don't do any invetion for the last 20 years, not? I'm not sure... Microsoft reinvented how win money doing nothing, don't? I began to work with them in eightees, when they were 200 hundred persons. Sinde then, or better said, since they copied windows interface, they don't do any relevant. But is the same case than APP, and much more...