DDE plugin Volume field

I have connected data source excel to Amibroker via DDE plugin, initially I have assigned last traded qty to Volume field in dde Config table, volume field always remain empty, Then I have assigned to last size, now volumes are updating but showing wrong volume, I am missing something here? please help.


Volume field is intended to be fed with cumulative daily volume from data source.
It is NOT "last size".

hi Tomaz thank you for replying, I have changed volume traded today [cumulative volume] to volume field, but volume not updating whereas excel updates the data, please guide if any.

Realtime Data window showing volume updating, but volume field empty
, I am not sure my setup is correct or not
DDE Video

At minimum you have to have last price and last size. Volume can be added as extra but doesn’t replace any of required two

Thank you again, I made changes but last size updating wrong volume even if trades 100 shares it updates 100 in every tick.
sorry to bother you, but just curious why volume in realtime Quote is updating volume field and not updating in actual volume on chart?

You are mixing things up and/or don't understand the basics.

"Trade size" in RT quote window is SINGLE TRADE volume (trade size).
"Volume" on 5 minute chart is accumulation of trade sizes that occured during 5 minutes.
"Volume" that you see in RT quote window is a cumulated DAILY VOLUME.

These are three different intervals coming into play.