Debug entry signal

How does Amibroker prioritise entry signals when they exceed positions allowed?

My entry signal is triggered when one moving average is above another.

BUY = MA  > MA1;

As I understand it, this will be a TRUE or FALSE value, which is what the exploration seems to confirm.

So when there are 20+ signals and only 10 slots in MaxOpenPositions, Amibroker is somehow making a selection for me.

I need to understand why it’s working and that it is not random because the results are really good!

Thanks in advance for advice.

You can assign values to the PositionScore array to set a different score for each symbol. See the explanation in the documentation here:

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Right, I have experimented with assigning various formulas to PositionScore but none achieve as high a return as whatever default method Amibroker is using.

So the problem is how to find out what criteria Amibroker is using to prioritise entries.

This link may help:

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Good to know that my strategy is somewhat based on what symbol can best fill the available equity. I will definitely need to improve on that method.:persevere:

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