Decimal places in backtest price

Getting 4 decimal digits in backtest entry & exit price, how do we set to 2 decimal digits. (I'm not doing custom backtest)


preferences setup has 2 decimal


Your Formula must be setting reserved variables “Buyprice”, “Sellprice”, “Shortprice” and “Coverprice” or post info from Analysis settings > Trades tab that you may be using.


As noted, price displayed in backtest trade list is actual price being used for backtest.
There are no fixed "decimal places" because that would create zillions of support requests that would claim a "bug" telling that "value of trade does not match price x quantity".

You are getting 4 digits because you are using split and dividend ADJUSTED prices.
For example 1 for 10 split would divide prices by 10 creating extra "decimal digit".


Got it, Thanks Tomasz

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