Decimal places in RT quote window

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I found that the Amibroker doesn't allow me to put more than 6 decimal places in RT quote window, in the preferences windows settings.

I am using esignal as the data source and I would like to monitor the 6J(JPY) in RT quote windows, and the Minimum Price Fluctuation is .0000005 USD per JPY increments, so the RT quote windows is one place short.

May I know if there is any way I can go beyond the limitation? or can I times the data by, say 1000 before have it shown on the RT windows?


You can read here about 32bit Floating point values

You get accuracy of 7 significant digits, so more digits after that will get rounded.

I don't know what you mean, but wouldn't this change the value of the number completely ?

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Thanks for your reply. so does it mean the rt quote windows is using 32bit floating points even though i am using 64bit amibroker?

You guys mixing many things up. The article is about AFL. Not about real-time quote window. The number of decimal digits is not the same as number of significant digits. The number 0.000000000001873 has 4 significant digits but 15 decimal digits. Number of decimals is totally different, unrelated thing.

Any decimal number display in the computer is a product of "formatting" the binary number to textual representation. You can format it even so it has 1000 decimal digits. But it does not mean that they will be all "accurate".

Having said that, real-time quote price FORMATTING allows upto 6 decimal digits now.
This is not "hard" limit. It is just that user interface won't allow you now to enter more at the moment as nobody wanted more. FWIW: it is increased to 7 in 6.30.1

As I said this is formatting, for display only. It does NOT affect numbers in memory. Numbers in computers are NOT decimal. Numbers in computer are BINARY. Regardless of what you define in Preferences, the numbers are always kept in binary form (that does NOT have concept of "decimals").