Decluttering parameter window

Hi all,
I want to declutter my parameters window so I tried this:
StopMode = ParamList("Trailing Stop Mode", "Fixed%|ATR|NoStop" );
if(Stopmode == "Fixed%")
StopLevel = 1 - Param("trailing stop %", 99, 1, 99, 1)/100;
So when I bring up the param window I get:
Then, I change the StopMode parameter to NoStop and get:
Clicking OK and opening the parameter window again displays what I wanted to see:
Is there a way to get the parameter window updated on the fly to trigger an update?
I guess this is not a big deal, but if anyone knows I'd like to find out.

Did you try the Reset button ? "Reset all" button at the bottom.
This is If i understood your question correctly :slight_smile:

Hi @nsm51, thanks for your response.
Reset All will reset the parameter I wanted to change to its default, e.g. 'Trailing Stop' is reset to Fixed%. The corresponding parameter 'trailing stop %' doesn't become visible unless I close the window and open it again.