Default chart when open Amibroker


I have several charts in my rt trading ambiroker, and i want it to be on the dedicated chart every time when i open the amibroker. please see attached picture:

I have chart for CL, HG, HO, KE...etc, and if I want to set the chart trading HO is the default chart when I open the amibroker, how can I do so?


I believe Amibrokers MDI tabs default to the most recent created.

I'd simply change the symbol in the tab that opens by default right now or make a new chart with HO.

This was just me testing with two tabs. Generally my layouts have been one chart and using multiple sheets. If using multipe charts I usually have them tiled.

MDI tabs including their order and selection are stored in layout and restored automatically when layout is loaded (or database is opened)

You may be misguided because if you change the active symbol and automatic saving of layout is enabled all changes are SAVED and next time you will open database it will show last opened symbol. If you don't want changes to be automatically saved you need to disable automatic save

More info:

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