Default color of drawing objects


when I insert drawing objects like trend line, rectangles and so forth, into a chart, the default color is red. Is it possible to change this default color to another one, please?

If you change your object's color using the color selector from the main menu:


... this color will be applied to all new objects that you draw - try it. In a similar way you can decide whether new objects will be drawn using thick or dotted lines.

A quote from:

To apply color or style to the object select it and use Format menu or Format tool bar buttons to change color, thick, dotted and snap to price styles. Note that you can also select color and style of the object before drawing new object: simply deselect previous object (if any), change color / style selections and draw new object.


Hi Milosz,
Super, thanks a lot.
Could have seen that myself, sorry. Only excuse is that I work on high-res screens and all symbols and icons are really small (and therefore I did not pay attention...)

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A small addition to my prior post. To be precise, the color picker is located in the Format Toolbar and I should have also mentioned, that it can be used as a separate window, which is really handy in some situations:


Some additional tips:

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