Default columns in the Analysis window

The Analysis window has two default columns: Ticker and Date/Time. How to hide them or change their width using the AFL code?

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@Richards, please, see this thread. I suggest reading it entirely.

Since you seem to be new here (Welcome!), I also encourage you to take also a look at this to learn how to Search the Forum.

I am also new. I searched the forum and was unable to find the solution to my problem with the date/time column.

I am using the Explore tool.

I right click on the Analysis table column titles, select Setup Columns. I then change the order of the columns so that Date/Time is the first column. I click ok. I save the analysis .apx file. Close the apx file. Reopen, run Explore, and the date/time column is back to the original position.

Is it possible to save the order of the Date/Time and Ticker columns?

Column ordering is not part of Analysis project (.APX).
In exploration you decide what columns to display and in what order via AddColumn() calls. If you really must have date time as first the only option is to remove default columns via SetOption and add them in desired order but it is really NOT recommended because you will lose "Show arrows" functionality that way that requires default columns.

Thank you Tomasz. All helpful. The existence and ordering if the date/time column isn't critical to my ongoing success. I just need to modify some spreadsheets to accommodate this new column in my data.

I also found this via some enjoyable (poolside) manual forum browsing. It didn't reveal itself with my original "date/time" forum search term. Remove Defaut Datetime Column

I kind of like this column anyhow. Quick visual reassurance that data is up-to-date. One serious problem I am escaping from with my existing platform (not for much longer)