Delete all data for last tradingday/ or a specific date for +100 stocks?

Is it possible to delete data for last tradingday or for a specific dato for more than 100 stocks in an easy way?

Every easter Yahoo are making trouble with wrong data for Norgegian and/or Swedish stock market, but it's the only data provider for Norwegian an Swedish stock market for my Amibroker.

@joeoil this thread show a quick solution to delete ALL the quotes from a specific day for a specific symbol (with a more complex script you can do all kind of maintenance).

Maybe you could use a similar script, adding a loop that at each step will process a single ticker, parsing a string with all the tickers in a similar way to what is done in the AmiBroker native function StrExtract().

hello @joeoil

There is another way to delete EOD data.... (I am not sure for intraday)

Delete Session:
Deletes currently selected bar from ALL the symbols in the database.

Open a symbol in a chart panel
Then left click with the mouse on that a specific day.
Then go to Edit / Delete Quotation
A confirmation AB window will open and ask you if you really want to do that