Delete all studies in all symbols


I would like to ask if there is any way to delete all studies in all symbols?
because now i have to go through it one by one to delete my studies.

Thanks in advance.


As far as I know, the studies are saved inside the database and what's inside the symbol file where the data o,h,l,c,v,aux are stored

I don’t think you can delete all studies in all symbols at once.

From the manual

A database (or a workspace) is a directory that holds a set of binary files, which are stored in 0-9, a-z, '_' subdirectories. Those binary files hold quotes, symbol information, your studies (trend lines, Fibonacci stuff). Each symbol's information is stored separately in the file with the name of the ticker symbol located in the subdirectory corresponding to the first character of the symbol, so IBM quotation data/studies are stored in the 'IBM' file located in the 'I' subdirectory.

There is one way to do this job, ONLY IF you need to delete studies from MANY SYMBOLS
It is worth to extract the data, then delete the data of that symbols, and then import the data again.
But I repeat.. Worth ONLY for many - many symbols

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select at least one study and type ALT+DEL . Ooops sorry I did not read ALL symbols, this will only delete ALL studies in the current symbol

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What I mean by studies is the drawing trend line and horizontal line and so in.

I hope amibroker add this feature to new versions

The only way to do it automatically for all symbols at once is to export all quotation data to ASCII files and then re-import into empty database.