Deleting Empty ATCs from Group 253

I have some ATCs that do not have a symbol but got written to Group 253 during program development.

Problem I am having is that I can not delete them ....

I think this is what you are looking for. Select one or more symbols and right mouse click.

2018-01-26 21_22_28-AmiBroker

Cure should be applied at the source. Don't treat the symptoms. Treat the source of the problem. You should NOT be passing EMPTY string (symbol) to AddToComposite call in first place.

Symbols must not be empty, must not contain comma, new line and other invisible characters like tabs.

Since the problem has been created and the empty tickers are there, you need to close AmiBroker, delete broker.master file from the database and re-run AmiBroker and it will fix automatically.

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